Vojtěch Birgus

Vojtěch Birgus – 24-year-old professional racing driver with an international karting and circuit license.

Since 2010 he has been participating in the prestigious cup race MORAVSKÝ POHÁR and CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC in the categories ROTAX MAX Junior 125 and MINI60. Many podium placements and experience with championship races and races with numerous international participation moved him to the start of the CENTRAL EUROPEAN ROTAX racing series. He achieved the greatest national and international success with the Gregor Racing team.

In 2020, successful testing of Formula 4 took place in cooperation with JMT Racing Engineering, which culminated in 3rd place in the final race of the Carbonia CUP at the circuit in Most (CZ).

In 2021, still with cooperation with JMT Racing Engineering, we attend last race of Eset V4 Cup with formula 4 car. Tough race weekend bring the win in race 2 and overall 3 place in Championship.

In 2022, still with JMT, we attendend race of Eset V4 Cup F4. Tough race at beatiful track in Spielberg, Red Bull Ring.

However, in 2023, we made a significant decision to prioritize my studies over racing due to financial constraints and the commitment to master my bachelor’s degree exams.

The year 2024 brings a challenge in further testing and participation in races on foreign circuits.


2024 – Back to the roots

With a passion for speed and precision, I’m excited to challenge myself in the fiercely competitive Rotax Max category with LN kart chassis. As I dive back into the karting scene, the ultimate goal is to hit the European races and make an impact on the international stage.

2023 – Prioritizing Studies Over Speed

Due to financial constraints and my commitment to mastering my bachelor’s degree exams, I’ve hit the pause button on racing for whole year.

Rotax Max Challenge CZ 2022

Switch from Formula 4 to Karting, race in Vysoke Myto brought victory in Rotax max Senior. Further enriching my racing journey, I contested in two additional races as part of the Rotax Max Challenge CZ. At the Steelring race, I delivered a commendable performance, clinching a solid 4th place finish. The competition continued at SlovakiaRing, where I demonstrated my consistency and determination, finishing on the podium in 3rd place. Notably, the SlovakiaRing race presented an added layer of complexity with a night race and treacherously wet conditions during heat 3. Culminating these performances, I secured an admirable 5th place overall in the Rotax Max Challenge CZ championship.

Eset V4 Cup 2022 – Formula 4

Race at the iconic Red Bull Ring circuit, where i secured win in race 1 and second place in race 2

Eset V4 Cup 2021 – Formula 4 Brno

Due to pandemic covid 19, we have been able to attend only one race of Eset V4 Formula 4 championship, in Brno. Tough race weekend bring the win in race 2 and overall 3 place in Championship.

CarboniaCup Most F4 2020

First race with team JMT Racing Engineering and formula 4 car.

RMCIT 2019

Participation at the first Rotax Max Challenge International Trophy in legendary Le Mans with team Gregor Racing.


10 hours endurance race, hard wet conditions, and as a member of Steel Ring Gold team, we been able to get 3rd place in the finish.

Slovakia Champion 2018

Winning the 2018 season in Rotax Max Senior category with Gregor Racing team.

Winner of Moravsky Pohar 2015

Winner of Moravsky Pohar in Rotax Max Junior class

Winner of Moravsky Pohar 2013

Winner of Moravsky Pohar in Mini 60 class